Rumor: Titanfall 2 To Be Published By EA, Won’t Be Microsoft Exclusive

Titanfall has only been out a week on Xbox One and PC and not even out on Xbox 360 yet, but it looks like plans are already being made for the sequel.  It looks like Titanfall 2 is happening, EA will be back in the publisher’s seat and the game will not be Microsoft exclusive.

Sources have told Polygon that developer Respawn has signed with EA to publish Titanfall 2.  Remember, when Respawn and EA signed the deal for the first game Respawn remained the owner of the IP.  Technically, they could have gone to any other publisher for Titanfall 2, but it looks like they were happy enough with EA to return to them.

The sources also said that the game will not be Microsoft exclusive.  For Titanfall, EA and Microsoft made a deal that made sure the game didn’t launch on PS4 and PS3.  That controversial decision will be stripped from then sequel.

As you would expect, neither EA or Respawn Entertainment to comment on, “rumor and speculation.”

Don’t expect a Titanfall 2 announcement anytime soon.