The Forest Gets Creepier and Wrong-er With Every New Trailer

Covering every new trailer for a game is generally a great way to mindlessly fill up column inches, but The Forest refuses to release videos that can be ignored.  The third trailer was released the other day and shows off the trap-making system, while also giving a better look at the freaks of nature that you’ll be building them against, plus a brief moment of beauty to remind you that there’s more than just horror in the world.

The short version of the game- you land on an island after your plane goes down and have to survive there while the natives see you (rightfully) as an invader destroying their land.  It’s survival-horror with both aspects getting full attention.  The horror is supplied by terrible brutality needed to survive against the mutant native’s attacks, and the survival sees you cutting down trees, gathering resources, and crafting and building all the necessary things to avoid starvation or being eaten.  The Forest is landing on Steam Early Access on May 22, and you can safely bet we’ll be publishing an opinion or two soon after.