Puppeteer Director to Avoid Future Retail Games

In a GDC 2014 panel detailed by Joystiq, SCEA’s Gavin Moore indicated to attendees that his team will be looking into crafting smaller, digital games for any forthcoming projects. While Puppeteer garnered some critical acclaim, it seemingly failed to achieve acceptable sales.

He described the stellar platformer’s sales as “not a disaster by any way.” However, its lackluster reception has the team wary of looking to retail for future releases. Instead, they will look to “make three or four products at once, and put them up on the net somewhere for people to download.”

Perusing many gaming forums, a recurring and unsettling reaction to Puppeteer has been “I’ll wait for it to be free on PSN.” Maybe it’s due to it being a 2D platformer and gamers’ strange tendency to associate the genre with the idea that it shouldn’t cost much because it isn’t 3D, but make no mistake, the game is well worth the cost of entry.