Team Ninja Announces More Characters For Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

We here at Hardcore Gamer have always been pretty big fans of the Dead or Alive series, and when Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate hit consoles last year we had almost nothing but nice things to say about it. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade made its way to Japan late last year and it will soon be receiving some upgrades that should find their way to home consoles at some point thereafter. Yesterday, Team Ninja sent out the following tweets that promise a whole new character pack for the game coming out at the extremely rough anticipated release date of “sometime”.

We will see the arcade release first, and will have to wait at least another six months until the characters make their way to the console version. There was also no word on how many characters we can expect from the pack, so we will have to wait until Team Ninja gives us more information on the arcade version before we see just how far the roster expands. Fortunately, the Marie Rose DLC comes out next week for anyone that can’t wait to get their hands on more DOA5U characters.