Steam Week-long Sale Begins – Nights Only $2.50

Steam’s week-long deals have begun, and allow you to save a ton of money on dozens of games. 7 Ways to Die is $20, while Impir is $10, Volgarr the Viking gets a 50% drop to $6, and Pool Nation is $3. Vegas: Make It Big offers up some casino thrills for $1.24 – the same price Earth 1260 is down to. Songs2See can be yours for $10, while the Ultimate edition which includes an editing program is $25. RIP 3: The Last Hero is an older game, and only $1.50. A 4-Pack of SpeedRunners in Early Access can be yours for $21 instead of $30. Given the sheer quantity of deals, we’ll stick to the most appealing products from here on. Logo Maker 4 is $22.50, while Fast and Furious: Showdown offers up some mediocre racing action for $7.50. Trapped Dead is $2.50, while Humans Must Answer is $4, Survivor Squad is $3, and Tiny Troopers can be yours for only $1.24. Nail’d gives you some racing action for $1, while Castle of Illusion’s remake is only $5. Anyone who loves platformers should snatch that up immediately. The Alien Breed games are $3.40 each, while Nights Into Dreams HD is only $2.50. Nights is an absolute-must buy at this price, and with that and Castle of Illusion, you can’t really go wrong.