Humble Store Square Enix Sale Begins

The folks behind the humble bundles have a treat for Square-Enix fans, but it’s sadly not in bundle form. Still, thanks to the Humble Store sale, you can get some of the company’s best games for a very low price. $12 gets you Tomb Raider: Game of the Year Edition, while $5 gets you the base version of Sleeping Dogs, and $10 gets you Deus Ex Human Revolution: Director’s Cut for $10. Sleeping Dogs has been this price before, while the Game of the Year Edition of Tomb Raider and the Director’s Cut of Deus Ex Human Revolution haven’t been this low that I can recall. If you’ve missed any of these games, snatch them up now, since they’re some of the best gaming experiences of the past half-decade, and until GTA V came out, Sleeping Dogs had the best sandbox game story mode by a wide margin. It’s still quite good though, especially if you’re into John Woo films, or have a thing for Asian movie culture.