Dead Space Free On Origin For Limited Time

Dead Space was last-generations breakout horror franchise.  The Visceral Games developed and EA published Survival-Horror franchise began in 2008 and garnered a large fan base as other survival-horror franchises put more of a focus on action over horror.  Now, you can relive the scariest entry in the franchise, Dead Space, for free.

Dead Space is free on Origin for PC as part of a “On The House” promotion.  This is the full game, not just a demo or trial, but the actual full retail product.  Dead Space normally costs $15 on Origin.  This is only for the PC version.

Dead Space launched Fall 2008 to strong reviews and commercial success.  The game starred Isaac Clarke, an engineer sent on a routine mission to repair the USG Ishimura.  Things go horribly wrong when he discovers a species called the Necromorphs have slaughtered the crew of the Ishimura and transformed their corpses into more Necromorphs.  The game has since spawned two sequels and a spin-off.

A rumored fourth entry in the Dead Space franchise has yet to be revealed.