TNA Wrestler Samoa Joe Launches Twitch Channel

With the Xbox One and PS4 having built-in Twitch streaming, it’s only natural that more people gravitate towards livestreaming their gaming experiences. Now, one of the best pro wrestlers of the past ten years has gotten into the act as the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe has launched his own channel — SamoaJoeGames. Joe has been one of the pro wrestling industry’s most outspoken gamers, alongside former TNA World Champion and current Ring of Honor/future New Japan Pro Wrestling star AJ Styles and former WWE and TNA wrestler Stevie Richards, who used his WWF Magazine column to inform people about the greatness of Fire Pro Wrestling long before it got a U.S. release. Both Joe and AJ took their roles in the TNA Impact video game seriously, and were all over the DVD-style extras for the game talking about how much they loved gaming and having fun with the motion capture process. In a recent AJ Styles DVD interview, there’s even an entire section devoted to his love of the Aki engine, which we wrote about quite a bit during the recent MMA in gaming article.