A Look at the Upcoming Monster Hunter 4-Edition 3DS XL

Japan loves their themed consoles. In fact, it seems like one is released every few weeks. Thus, when we heard that Capcom and Nintendo were partnering to release one based on their upcoming monster slaying RPG, Monster Hunter 4, we were excited, though not terribly surprised. While the MonHun games continue to impress with every successive installment, MH4 is looking especially sharp. Even better is the fact that we have confirmation of a 2015 release for a North American release. So today, then, we take a peek at just what to expect from the Japan-exclusive 3DS XL. If you ask us, the system looks especially sharp, though we’re a bit bummed that we are getting yet another gold 3DS. Still, the design is neat and showing off the Monster Hunter 4 title in the bottom corner of the system will surely show off your fandom, should you choose to import this bad boy.

But alas, let’s cut the chatter and get to the photos. Scope them below.