Final Fantasy Agito Set for Release Next Month in Japan

Final Fantasy Agito feels like it’s been in the works forever. Actually, that statements pretty much applies to every Final Fantasy… At any rate, it’s been reported that Agito is finally ready for release and will hit Japan next month. FFA is a mobile-centric RPG experience that utilizes many of the characters from the PSP title Type-0. In fact, the game is set in the same world as Type-0, which would account for the inclusion of certain key personalities returning for this mobile endeavor.

For more specific details, Final Fantasy Agito is a free-to-play game that emphasizes, of course, microtransactions. Weapons and items can be purchased in-game with real-world money, meaning that it sounds like the typical mobile trappings. Interesting enough, reports indicate that Agito was the work of both Square Enix and an external development studio. Nevertheless, what’s important here is why we are running a story on it. Well, back at last year’s TGS, producer Hajime Tabata was interviewed and asked if Square had any plans to bring the game west. Tabata responded by saying that Agito would definitely be localized, but refused to shed any more light on what this actually meant in terms of the game releasing in North America.

If it’s any consolation, a trademark has been filed for the game here in the States, which may give some skeptics just enough hope to cling onto until further news breaks. When it does, be sure to check back, for we will inevitably be talking about it.

Thanks, Siliconera!