Study Concludes That Gamers Aren’t Basement-Dwellers

According to science, or more specifically university researchers, gamers aren’t in fact the basement-dwellers pop culture would have you believe. Quite the opposite, actually. “They’re highly social people,” says State assistant professor of communication Dr. Nick Taylor about the study published in The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. Dr. Taylor continues by stating that “loners are the outliers in gaming, not the norm.” Thanks for the info, Nick.

It’s surprising that this information even required any research. Gamers, such as myself, have been making love to bar-frequenters in bathroom stalls and dancing on tables à la Coyote Ugly for years — I’ve seen it. The only difference is we also enjoy killing people and rescuing princesses from castles — things that would be incredibly sketchy outside the realm of video games.

Unsurprisingly, the study focused on World of Warcraft. After surveying thousands of players’ behaviors online, they concluded that anti-social behavior wasn’t a standard practice. For that matter, the study suggests that playing online games can improve a players social life. This, of course, is supported by the dozens of marriages that occur thanks to WoW each year. Maybe.