Table Top Racing Eyes a Vita Release

For those unfamiliar with the game, Table Top Racing is a combat racing game featuring upgradable cars and insane power ups. The game has already been a hit with the mobile crowd, accounting for 3.7 million downloads between the App Store and GooglePlay. Soon we will be able to see if the game translates as well on a more traditional platform, as the developer Playrise Digital has announced a Vita release for the game sometime this Spring. While this is mostly a straight port, the game will feature new accelerator and break controls, improved handling, and a “unique use” of the rear touch pad. So for those of you that liked the game but had hoped that awkwardly tapping the back of your phone would accomplish something this looks to be the perfect version for you! The game will feature 8 tracks, 17 characters, and 4 player online multiplayer and leaderboards. Price details haven’t been announced so we don’t know how the game will handle the use of microtransactions for in-game currency that appears in the mobile version of the game, but here’s hoping the answer is it won’t, at all, ever.