Capcom Slices Profit Expectations In Half

Capcom has reportedly lowered its profit expectations from $65 million to $32 million. The changes come from the company’s slow shift into the mobile market, as well as the unexpected poor performance of key title, Monster Hunter Frontier G.

“Due to rapid changes taking place in the market for games, Capcom is building a sound base for earnings by reorganizing the product development framework and improving development processes. These are two core elements of the company’s operations,” stated Capcom.

“The objective of these activities is to earn consistent earnings in each fiscal year. However, these initiatives have not yet started to produce benefits mainly in the Mobile Contents.” Capcom’s greedy shift into micro-transactions, their strong focus on the mobile market and lack of once-beloved passion products are likely to blame for the decline, but only time will tell whether they can manage to turn things around before it’s too late.