Google Maps Gets Overrun by Pokemon

Every year, Google releases multiple great April Fools’ jokes. Some are almost believable, but most tend to be humorous diversions. Although it may still be March for much of the world, Google has already revealed their latest gag. It involves Google Maps and Pokemon.

Have you ever wanted to be a Pokemon Master? According to Google, you can. They have proliferated Google Maps with 150 Pokemon all over the world for users to find. According to the joke, if you find all of them then you’ll become an official Pokemon Master at Google Inc. Wouldn’t that be a great job title to have?

The game looks like a fun time-waster for Pokemon fans, although it is not nearly as exciting as the trailer makes it seem. You’d better hurry if you want to try it out. Apparently, the ‘contest’ closes on April 2nd at 2 PM PST.