JetGetters Coming to OUYA

JetGetters has a little over two weeks left to go for its Kickstarter campaign. In that time, the folks at Tiny Build hope to get the game funded with $50,000. OUYA will subsidize the cost of the game if it reaches its goal, and as a bonus, the other console versions will now cost less. If the game is funded and reaches $60,000, an Xbox One version will be made. $70,000 ensures a PS4 version, while $80,000 gets it on the Wii U. From what’s been shown so far on the Kickstarter page, it looks like a really fun hybrid of an air flight game, mixed with a platformer, and a touch of Titanfall’s rodeo system in place as well. If the game seems intriguing to you, then $10 gets you a copy of the game, while $25 gets you the game, its OST, as well as No Time to Explain and its OST. If it’s funded, then players on both PC or whatever console you choose to play it on will be able to face each other online thanks to cross-platform network code.