Steam Weeklong Sale Begins

This week’s Steam sale has begun, and while it’s not full of top-shelf stuff, it does have some noteworthy deals that are worth checking out. . Luxuria Superbia is $3.50, while Vigal can be yours for $1, and Avernum is $2. Codename: Panzers is $5, Chains is $1, Worms Reloaded is $6.79, and Burning Cars is $5. Hidden Skies 2 gives you some shooting action for only $1, while Guilty Gear Isuka is down to $5. Platformer Fans will want to check out Eryi’s Action for only $2. Lead and Gold is $2.50, as is Rochard, while Pressure is $2. Blast Em! is down to $1.50, so if you’re into horizontal shooters, give it a shot.