Fright Fight Now Available on the OUYA

Fright Fight came to life thanks to Kickstarter and now, one of the OUYA’s most-anticipated exclusives is available for download. Previously available on the Google Play store, the game takes the Smash Bros. formula and gives it a mobile-friendly horror-themed twist. Unfortunately, due to issues with my OUYA controller not wanting to accept any AA batteries despite them being freshly-charged, I’m unable to play the game and offer up any impressions. While the 360 pad works to start the game, it can’t be used to actually play the game. If if I can get the OUYA pad problems worked out, then you can expect some coverage of the game here in video and text formats. In a way, it’s kind of funny that the problems crept up today. It couldn’t happen during a slow day filled with Flappy Birds clones, oh no – it had to happen on a day when something that was hyped up a bit came out. Unfortunately, said game appears to be suffering from some major OUYA controller issues of its own. Some users are reporting that even when using an official OUYA pad, the game won’t get past the same tutorial screen I was stuck on with a 360 pad. The developers are looking into the issue, so hopefully some progress can be made by the end of the day.