Infamous: Second Son Receiving Sizable Update

Infamous: Second Son has been out for just over a week now, but Sucker Punch Productions continues to work on their baby. The Bellevue-based studio has heard the cries of their fans and will be unleashing a significant update in a couple of weeks from now.

For those who have beaten Second Son, they were left in a day-time limbo with no option to once again see the game’s beauty at night. That will change as, in Saints Row IV fashion, players will have god-like powers and be able to change the time of the world. For people who enjoy capturing video and screenshots, Sucker Punch will soon be allowing you to disable that rather cluttered HUD. Finally, for those who dislike an unlocked framerate, there will also be a 30FPS cap available so you won’t see any jitters. This is by far the strangest decision, but I suppose if players will use it, why complain?

At the very earliest, expect the patch featuring all these modifications to come in two weeks time, with hopefully even more adjustments to follow.