Killzone Shadow Fall Receives First Major Expansion for Multiplayer Gameplay

The amount of content and fun to have with Killzone Shadow Fall‘s multiplayer action just increased. The Insurgent Pack adds tons of new weapons, abilities, trophies and more. The biggest inclusion allows players to choose from a new class, the Insurgent. They come with two exclusive abilities that can really change your way of battling. Steal allows Insurgents to swap weapons with downed enemies and use them throughout the game, even after dying. The other ability is Hack which lets you change an enemy’s automata to your side.

All Assault, Support and Scout classes receive a new ability. Assault classes have the E-Pulse Emitter; a device making it difficult for others to install automata in the area. Tactical Echo Emitter is a deployable beacon for the Scout class which makes it harder for enemies to infiltrate your area. The Guard Drone is deployed by the Scout class and guards the ground level of wherever it is placed.

Three new weapons, one for each class, are also included in the expansion. Assault rifles, battle rifles and sidearms can be used but if they’re dropped then they can be picked up by others. Two new game modes, trophies, challenges and even more goodies are also included. The Insurgent Pack is available for $9.99 but free for Season Pass holders.