Luftrausers Soundtrack Now Available for Purchase

Anyone who has played Luftrausers know how addictive the score-attack shooter is. This is thanks in part to the stellar simplistic gameplay but also a pumping music that keeps players engaged. Many players have asked for the soundtrack and now it’s available for download!

Musician Jukio “Kozilek” Kallio unleashed 9 Luftrausers tracks on Bandcamp for €6. That’s $8.28 for our American audience. But, wait, aren’t there actually some 125 songs – one for each variation of rauser aircraft? Yes, although that would be more than a little ridiculous to include in a soundtrack.

What Kozilek has done might just be better than squishing in all the songs. Anyone who purchases the soundtrack also gains access to a “remix pack”. It includes all the music layers from Luftrausers, meaning you can actually create your own unique remixes.