Nothing Can Silence The Whispered World

The Whispered World hit PC back in 2009 and had a rather interesting story that contained a surprising twist ending. It was one of Daedalic Entertainment’s first major games that put them on the map as a formidable adventure game developer, so why they haven’t created a sequel yet is beyond me. That is looking to change with Silence – Whispered World 2, a follow up that takes place years after the events of the first game, putting you in a grim wartime setting that’s transitioned to a fantasy world. We were able to get a sneak peek of the upcoming sequel that showcases some truly gorgeous visuals and a compelling story to boot.

You play as Noah, the young lad who originally traversed the dreamlike state of Silence as the sad clown Sadwick, but this time he takes hold of his own skin. The story takes place a couple years after the events of The Whispered World where he is protecting his young sister Renie who seems to be unfazed but the war time events that are occurring around her in the real world. The game opens up with Noah scooping up his young sister and rushing for bomb shelter as the city starts to go up in flames. Here, the two are magically transported into a familiar territory. Despite the modern setting being rather grim and dark, the majority of the game will take place in Silence, a luscious green realm filled with wonderfully rendered fantasy terrain.

If you’re familiar with Daedalic adventure games, you’ll more than likely have a rough understanding of how Silence plays. The difference is that there isn’t a standard inventory, so everything in one specific area will be segmented. The focus was to not confuse players by having them collect a slew of different items and matching them together later in the story. This means that if you see something in the environment that might be interactive, then it’ll probably go together with something else on screen. Otherwise, this is a traditional point and click adventure that features a similar easy to use control scheme that the developer is known for.

It’s also to note that the visuals are absolutely beautiful. The Hamburg-based studio is doing a lot with their engine by projecting wonderfully drawn artwork in an original 3D space. Even though the characters are clearly modeled in 3D, they blend seamlessly into the background as if a painting has come to life. While the animations of the individuals seem a bit clunky at times, in traditional Daedalic fashion, it’s the environments that will do the game justice by creating worlds that you will want to jump into. At the same time, there are strong lighting effects that will help formulate puzzles and really bring the setting to life even more.

While it has been a long time since we’ve delved into the world of Silence, its second coming is more than a warm welcome. The new visual art style and direction are encouraging aspects that help the brand grow to exceedingly new levels. With a fascinating new story featuring a handful of unfamiliar faces, beautifully rendered artwork, and an easy to navigate adventure game system, the excitement for Silence – The Whispered World 2 has never been more desired as we eagerly await its PC and Mac debut in early 2015.