PlayStation Store Update Goes Live – Arkham City and Mercenary Kings Free With PS+

This week’s PS Store update is one of the biggest in a while. PS4 owners can pre-order MLB The Show 14 and Trials Fusion: Digital Deluxe Edition, and pick up Mercenary Kings for free if they’re PS+ members.  PS3 owners can also get The Show, and buy the console-optimized version of Batman Arkham: Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition, BlazBlue: ChronoPhantasma, Jimmie Johnson’s Anything With an Engine (really now?), and Ragnarok Odyssey Ace. Ace and The Show are also on the Vita. The PS2 Classics section gets Shin Megami Tensai: Devil Summoner, and iFruit has launched on the Vita. App updates include Epix, the WWE Network, NBA Gametime, and Vudu.  Demos for Fez, Blackgate, and EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil are also available. In keeping with the Batman theme, Arkham City goes free for PS+ on the PS3, while The Amazing Spider-Man goes down to $20 on both the Vita and PS3 with a huge savings on DLC too.

Other week-long deals include Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood for $7.50, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger for $4, Cloudberry Kingdom for a mere $2.50, Far Cry 2 for $5, Flashback’s reboot for $5, Just Dance 2014 for $20, Mad Riders for $2.50, Outland for $2.50, Prince of Persia for $7.50, The Sands of Time, Warrior Within, and The Two Thrones for $4 each, and $7.50 for the Forgotten Sands. Rayman Origins is only $10, while a slew of Tom Clancy games are $7.50.  WWE 2K14 is down to $30, with DLC being slashed in half. Other than Anything With an Engine, which is a years-old mediocre XBLA game, this is a fantastic week for savings. Cloudberry Kingdom is a must-have at that price, while any of the Prince of Persia games are worth picking up. Arkham City is a fairly old freebie by PS+ standards, but it’s still one of the best games of the past generation, so it’s hard to argue with getting it for free if you haven’t already owned it before.