Bit Brawlers Debuts on Amazon Fire TV, Skips Steam and Google Play

The Fire TV has dominated social media, and is seemingly taking over Hardcore Gamer for the day as well. Beyond bigger games like Crazy Taxi, Asphalt 8, and Modern Combat 4, the Fire TV is now home to Bit Brawlers. This arena combat game is making its debut on the Amazon Fire TV, and isn’t even available on Steam yet. The devs sent us a message saying it was very easy to get the game on the Fire TV, and it’s a breeze to get controller support included since it’s so similar to a 360 pad. Between that and the excitement over Android gaming being put in a more mainstream-friendly device, there’s a chance that the Fire TV winds up living up to what people hoped the OUYA would do for Android gaming. Right now, the Fire TV has its own Towerfall equivalent with this arena combat game for $4 instead of Towerfall’s $15 price tag, and the only way to play it is to buy the Fire TV and the optional controller.

Get insight on the process of getting the game on Fire in this interesting and horribly recorded YouTube video shot inside a mall: