My.Com’s Action RPG Evolution: Battle For Utopia Now Live

Mobile gaming has developed far beyond the realm of simple puzzlers and snakes that circle themselves to death. There’s now a plethora of console-quality experiences available, and more being developed as the smartphone market slowly overtakes the industry., the folks behind the gorgeous online racer World of Speed, have recently launched their own AAA mobile title. And it’s spectacular.

Enter Evolution: Battle for Utopia. There’s a deep storyline across a sci-fi backdrop, an addictive, unique real-time combat system, intriguing puzzles, a massive world to explore and an RPG experience unlike anything on mobile devices today.

“When we set out to make this game, we wanted to deliver a core RPG, but one built from the ground up for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch,” said’s Publishing Director,  Yuriy Maslikov. “That means players will find the same depth that RPGs are known for, but will also be drawn into the intriguing storyline and surprised by the other gameplay elements woven into the game.”

Check out Evolution: Battle for Utopia on the app store for more information.