Story Bundle Video Game Bundle 3.0 Launched

The third Story Bundle is upon us, and gives you nine e-books for as little as $3. The included titles are How to Do Things With Videogames, Atari Inc. – Business is Fun, SCROLL: Collection 1-10, Service Games: The rise and Fall of Sega, Ghosts in the Machine, The Gothic Tower and Assorted Interactive Fiction, Boss Fight Books #1: Earthbound, Minecraft, and The Final Hours of Portal 2.¬†While it’s easy to spend next to nothing for all this, just the Sega book would normally set you back $8, while the Atari book is normally $13. Both of those books look like must-haves, while the Earthbound and Porrtal 2 books look like fascinating reads as well. If you’re a student of the gaming industry, this bundle is a must-buy.