Amazon FireTV Accepts Other Controllers

Yesterday’s big reveal of the Amazon FireTV led to a great deal of excitement in the gaming industry. I love the idea of Android consoles, and did my best to gather as much accurate information as possible for that article. Unfortunately, doing so led to a customer service chat where I was given misinformation. I was told that the Amazon FireTV controller would only work with that device, which seemed odd to me, but since I was told that by someone at the company, I believed it. It turns out that isn’t the case, and while the USB port can’t be used for USB storage right now, it can be used for a wired 360 pad.

Nyko bluetooth pads and the MOGA pads apparently come up when you try to sync bluetooth pads to the device. Theoretically, an OUYA, PS3, or PS4 controller should work as well, but we’ve seen no confirmation on any of those. Still, if you’ve got an interest in the FireTV, you can get in on the gaming side of things without any extra cost. It’s good that it supports other pads since the Amazon one is currently backordered until April 24. If you’ve got a lot of Android stuff already, the device does support sideloading – just like the OUYA, so you can try things out and see if they’ll work. If it’s got controller support instantly, then it should run really well on the device since it’s so powerful.