5-Year-Old Hacks into Xbox One

A 5-year-old boy from San Diego is a lot more clever than you’d expect. While playing with his dad’s Xbox One, little Kristoffer was able to play mature rated games like Call of Duty on his fathers’ account. By entering a wrong password, Kristoffer was able to have the Xbox One send a verification to an email address. He would then hit a couple keys on the computer and it granted him access to the games. Microsoft heard the story and rewarded his findings with a few games, fifty dollars and a year subscription to Xbox Live.

This isn’t actually the first time he’s been able to slip through technological security. At one-year-old, Kristoffer found out that by holding the home button on a cell phone he could bypass the toddler lock. Kristoffer’s dad works in computer security so he’s quite proud of what his son is able to do. Guess it runs in the family. Good thing this little genius figured out the flaws before somebody else could — like the children working for the KGB.