The Megalodon Has Been Found in Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is filled to the brim with awesome Easter Eggs.  One that has been floating around for a while is that a Megalodon shark could be found in the Paracel Storm map in Battlefield 4.  For months players have been searching frantically for the shark, but its yet to be found.  Today, everything has changed.

The Megalodon has been found, not in Paracel Storm, but on one of the maps from the Naval Strike Expansion Pack.  YouTube user jackfrags discovered the shark and posted the video evidence.  On Nansha Strike, there is a bayou in the water that at least ten people need to gather around.  Once that happens the magnificent shark jumps out of the water and lands with a giant splash.  Sadly, it doesn’t look like you can get the Megalodon to eat any of the players.

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike is available now for Battlefield Premium subscribers.  Check out the Megalodon in action below: