Thunder Desert GP Unleashes Throwback Racing on the OUYA

Thunder Desert GP is an easy game to dismiss on first glance. The game’s page on the OUYA system storefront describes the game as basically being a love letter to Pole Position and Hang-On, and it doesn’t look all that impressive in screenshots. What the screens can’t convey is how smooth everything plays. It’s got that frantic 16-bit racing game style to it, with a touch of the older generation’s harder difficult thrown in. Thunder Desert GP’s visuals manage to evoke both the 16-bit scrolling style of Hang-On and Pole Position’s limited color palette. The tunnel sections also bear a striking resemblance to Night Driver, which was the first game I ever played. For the low cost of absolutely nothing, you can download this game on the OUYA and try it out for yourself. If you grew up playing any of the three games mentioned above, you should do so as soon as possible. It’s fun to play, looks fairy good given what it’s going for, and has a great chiptune soundtrack to boot.