Discotek Announces DVD Release of Fatal Fury Movies and Mega Man Complete Series

Discotek Media has long been known as a savior for under-appreciated franchises (like Lupin the Third) within the anime community, and now they’re bringing gamers a bit of a treat. Before today’s announcements of a re-release for both the Fatal Fury movie and OAV, with a proper widescreen transfer, and the original Mega Man series, their only gaming-related release came in the form of Retro Game Master: The Game Center CX Collection. Now, they’ve gone from one gaming-centric release to four in the span of one day. August 26 sees the release of the two Fatal Fury movies, while the complete Mega Man series hits on September 30.

None of these releases are for tippy-top tier productions to begin with, but it’s great to see them get a definitive release anyway. The Mega Man series was a ton of fun to watch as a kid. I remember watching it at 6:30 AM and having just woken up for my morning routine and that being just entertaining enough to keep me awake. The Fatal Fury movies are largely terrible, but do have amusingly-bad dubs. One thing Discotek deserves a ton of love for is the packaging. With Mega Man, you’ve got the Capcom purple border art from some of their NES games, while the Fatal Fury DVDs evoke the cover art for Neo-Geo games that was also paid homage to with the Neo-Geo X Mega Pack.

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