Big Titanfall Patch Goes Live

Today’s big Titanfall patch has been eagerly-anticipated by players, and it has just gone live on the Xbox One. This free update brings with it a private match beta for all platforms, with up to 12 players total. All of the game’s modes are playable in the private match, and you can pick which side you’re on. However, as a trade-off, you won’t gain XP, progress for challenges, or unlock achievements. Any player is able to make changes in the lobby or stop and start the countdown. The biggest change for actual gameplay comes in the form of party colors now being shown on the mini-map, and a new gold color is used so you can see your auto-titan a little bit easier as well. Some game balance changing have been made as well, allowing for easier requirements on in-game challenges. Some re-balancing was done for the quad rocket and the 40mm gun, and point values for hardpoint have been changed too. This update is fairly substantial, so if you haven’t played the game for a couple of weeks, fire it up today and give it a go.