Bundle Bandits Desura Bundle Released

While most bundles concentrate on Steam with Desura as an afterthought, the Bundle Bandits have focused the core bundle on Desura. For $1.50, the price of a cinammon bun at 7-11, you can get 11 games. Beyond making 7-11 seem like an even bigger rip-off than it usually is, this shows what an outstanding value gaming can be right now. That small sum gets you 11 games – not the greatest games of all time, but there are some solid ones. Sinister City, Bullet Max, Plop Fizz Boom, Shady Casket, Pilot A, Dark Adventure, Stingray, Fatal Theory, and Galaxy Union are included in the core bundle. The two bonus games are Ninja Twins and The Running Dead. The latter is something I’ve played on the OUYA and enjoyed quite a bit. Fatal Theory is a beat-em up with River City Ransom-style graphics that was designed to be modded – so that should be well-worth the $1.50 right there.