Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Stirs Up Some Laughs on iOS and Android Today

Family Guy isn’t known for its amazing games.  There have been a few games featuring Quahog’s favorite family, but none of them have been any good.  TinyCo aims to change that with its brand new Free-to-Play title Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, which is available right now on iOS and Android devices.

In The Quest for Stuff, we learn that Fox has a mysterious new president who has cancelled Family Guy, again.  At the town hall meeting, we discover that it is none other than Ernie the Giant Chicken.  As one would expect, Peter and Ernie get into a brawl that destroys all of Quahog.  This leaves it up to you, the player, to aid Peter and the rest of Quahog’s residents in rebuilding their beloved town.

“Not only is the game exponentially more entertaining than reading this press release, it’s the only place you’ll find Peter and Quagmire napping together,” said Rick Phillips, SVP, Fox Digital Entertainment. “We’re excited to deliver a game that brings the spontaneity and eccentricity of the show to the mobile gameplay experience for the first time. TinyCo successfully marries the world of Family Guy, its infamous cutaways, lampooning of current events, and irreverent humor with entertaining game mechanics.”

“We’ve had an absolute blast bringing The Quest for Stuff to life,” said Andrew Green, head of business development and business operations at TinyCo. “Working with an IP like Family Guy wasn’t a responsibility we took lightly, and thanks to fantastic collaboration with Fox we’re delivering a game that both fans and newcomers will love.”

You can download Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff now on iOS and Android devices.  Check out the opening scene below: