Humble Weekly Sale Helps PewDiePie Save the Children

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time for a new Humble Weekly sale. This one teams PewDiePie up with Save the Children, and provides some gaming as well. Paying what you want nets you Surgeon Simulator 2013, QWOP for Android, and Guacamelee Gold Edition. Paying $6 gets you Garry’s Mod and Speed Runners on early access, while $10 gets you Probably Archery and State of Decay can be yours for $15.┬áLike all humble things, you can donate to charity, with the focus on this week’s sale being the Save the Children group. While most of the games included are kind of gag games, if you want to help charity, you’ll at least get a fantastic game in Guacamelee and help folks out too.