inFamous: Second Son Surpasses 1 Million Sales In 9 Days

Infamous: Second Son is now the fastest-selling game in the franchise.  Sony has confirmed that the third title in Sucker Punch’s superhero series has surpassed 1 million units in only 9 days.  This is an impressive number and pace considering that the PS4 only has an install base of about 6.5 million.

Second Son launched on March 21 worldwide to generally positive reception. It features a new protagonist by the name of Delsin Rowe, and a compelling story that has this brash hero travelling across Seattle in order to take down DUP leader Augustine.

The release of Second Son also saw a huge spike in PS4 sales as in the UK, they were up 106% compared to the previous week.  To this day, retailers are having a hard time keeping Sony’s console in stock.