Australians Rule the Moon in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

One of the features that makes Borderlands The Pre-Sequel stand out is the fact that the game takes place on the moon. Sure, it could end up being the stereotypical “we’ve run out of ideas, so let’s take everyone into space” plot devices that has so often crept into media including such gems like Jason X, Moonraker and of course Call of Duty: Ghosts, but we’re hoping it adds a new dynamic to the beloved series.

During our time with the game at PAX East 2014, one of the announcements that stuck out most was the fact that evidently every inhabitant of the moon is Australian. And we’re not exaggerating; literally every single enemy, ally or weird creature speaks in a thick Australian accent. Why is this you ask? Our money is on the idea that sometime in the future Australia develops a space program and conquers the moon, growing into a galactic superpower that can only be rivaled by New Zealand.

Or maybe it’s the fact that 2K Australia, who co-developed the title with Gearbox, used local voice actors to do temporary dialogue and Gearbox was too lazy to remove them. Alright, they said it was because it was hilarious, which admittedly it is.

So regardless, expect a lot of Aussie flavor in your Borderlands. Australia: 1 New Zealand: Flight of the Conchords.

Be sure to check back this weekend for our full preview of the game.