PAX East 2014: Titanfall Expedition DLC Announced

Respawn Entertainment has revealed the first expansion pack for Titanfall.  The announcement came out of PAX East where the developers held a panel.  Titled ‘Expedition,’ the DLC will launch on Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360 in May.

Expedition is more of a map pack than an expansion pack.  The DLC will add three new maps to the game and will tell the events that transpire after the campaign.  Here are the three maps:

  • Swampland – Features trees that allow you to run in crazy, unpredictable paths
  • Runoff – Features lots of pipes and water
  • War Games – Takes place in the area where Titan Pilots train

Respawn Entertainment also confirmed that soon you’ll be able to customize your Titans with decals.  This has been a requested feature from fans, and its nice to see that Respawn is listening to their community and adding in new features.

Titanfall’s Expedition DLC is out sometime in May on Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360.  You can check out a preview for Swampland below:

Titanfall Expedition