MechRunner Announced for PC, PS4, and Vita

Runners have become a gaming staple over the past few years, and now the Vita, PS4, and PC platforms are getting one (if the Kickstarter is successful) in the form of MechRunner from Spark Plug Games. Unlike a lot of runners that are strictly platforming, this one has a touch of platforming blended into an action-heavy adventure. Your mech can switch between mech and tank modes, and you can slice and shoot your way past obstacles.┬áThe Kickstarter is brand-new and has a $25,000 goal with $600 pledged so far. $10 gets you a copy of the game the platform of the choice, and going with Steam gets you early access to it. You’ll also snag some extra wallpapers and four mech upgrades as well as a thank you from the devs. $25 gets you that, your name in the credits, and an OST. From what’s been shown in the trailer, it looks like a pretty good game and well worth throwing at least $10 at to ensure a digital copy.