New Half Life Speed Run Completes The Game In Just Under 21 Minutes

Speed runs are always the perfect mix of unbelievable skill and unbelievable cheating, as the runners use every trick known in the game to help them shave seconds off their time. Competitive speed runners usually go back and forth, improving on runs by seconds and fractions of seconds as they find new shortcuts or tricks to take advantage of. The previous best time for the Half-Life speed run has just been improved upon. Well, perhaps not so much improved upon as it was smashed, crushed, and utterly demolished. The previous best time was 29:41, and this most recent run clocked in at 20:41, an improvement of nine full minutes.

How did they accomplish this? By being really, really, amazingly good at the game. And cheating. They used every trick, shortcut, and glitch known to man (and some previously unknown), combined with some nonstop jumping. They also took advantage of a trick known as Jumpbug which allowed them to skip huge sections of the game. It is impressive to watch, and as it times in at just under 21 minutes you really have no reason not to partake in some speed running glory. The run is segmented, so it is somewhat less impressive, but it is still interesting to see all the different ways someone can break the game.

Feel free to check out the video below and reminisce with me about how it took you longer to beat the final boss on your first playthrough than it did for this guy to beat the entire game. I hope you don’t get motion sickness easily.