Dungeon Crawlers Released on the OUYA

As someone who isn’t a fan of dungeon-crawling games, Dungeon Crawlers is one of the many pleasant surprises I’ve had as an OUYA owner. The system has opened my eyes to console roguelikes, and the execution of this particular game makes dungeon-crawlers far more accessible. It’s got a stripped-down tactical RPG gameplay style, with dungeon-crawling as the core movement mechanic. The pace is fairly fast in battle, and everything can be hastened by holding the O (360 A) button and doubling the speed of all actions. The full game costs $5, and while I’m not sure how long the free portion ends, my initial play session gave me 10 great minutes of fun. I was able to tell in that time how good the graphics are, get a feel for how the game played (with a few rough battles in there to get the hang of things), and feel that it’s the perfect gateway game for people who would otherwise not play dungeon-crawlers or tactical RPGs.