Indie Royale Debut 12 Bundle Released

The 12th entry in the debut bundle is out, and gets you eight games presently stuck in Steam Greenlight for around $3 presently. That paltry sum can get you Yrminsul, Selknam Defense, Luna’s Wandering Stars, Rot Gut, Storm Over the Pacific, You Are Not a Banana: Chapter 1 (presumably a memoir of a Banana in Pajamas in RPG form), Pester (which I’ve gushed over before thanks to the OUYA version, and GEARCRACK Arena. There’s a bonus game that will get unlocked down the line as well. Spending more than $5 gets you Glowsticks at the Special Brew chiptune album by gwEm as well. This bundle gets you a wide variety of games, ranging from RPGs to shooters, so if you want a diverse lineup of things to check out, give this bundle a shot.