Titanfall: No Story For You

Respawn Entertainment recently outlined their DLC plans for Titanfall. In the post, they skimmed over many-a-facts, stating that their “plans for supporting Titanfall are simple,” and that they’re currently “developing for future updates.” Not-so-surprisingly, however, Respawn also noted that the famously terrible campaign that accompanied the maps of Titanfall will not be returning in future releases.

“There won’t be a campaign narrative or anything,” said┬áJustin Hendry of Respawn during their PAX East panel. While he assured that the cinematic flares will continue to be integrated into the experience, the story is no more. Respawn seems to be focusing their guns on new, creative maps, rather than the aspects of Titanfall that were less-than-stellar.

Titanfall: Expedition, which includes three new maps, drops in May. Those with a Titanfall season pass will be able to download the map-pack for free.