Marty O’Donnell’s Music Is Still In Destiny

This week we reported on the unfortunate termination of Marty O’Donnell’s employment, the longtime composer for Bungie.  The man had been composing music for Bungie games since 1999, but this week he tweeted that he was terminated without cause.  Bungie also confirmed that he was no longer part of the studio.  However, Bungie has confirmed we’ll still hear his music in upcoming game, Destiny.

“I think the Bungie fanbase is going to look forward to hearing Marty’s music, Mike Salvatori’s music, C. Paul’s music and Paul McCartney’s music in the game,”chief operating officer Pete Parsons stold Eurogamer.  “That’s going to be exciting for people. It’s going to be a great, fantastic experience.”

Parsons was asked why O’Donnell was terminated, but he would not go into any reasons.  He did, however, reveal that Destiny is almost done, and ready to ship.  “I believe people will be transported not just by the activities and the stories within the Destiny universe but by the sights and the wonderful sounds and music. We have a fantastic team. We’re pretty close to shipping. There’s a lot of polish left to do, lots of tweaking and tuning, but a lot is already complete.”

Destiny is out worldwide September 9 on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.