Origin Offers Up Gigabytes of Deals

Origin has had some fantastic deals over the past year, including things like the Humble Origin Bundle and an outstanding Black Friday sale. Now, they’re back with Gigabytes of Deals. This sale slashes prices for a ton of products. You can get Titanfall for $48, or the digital deluxe version for $68. Battlefield 4 is $125, while its China Rising expansion is only $10.50, and the Digital Deluxe version of the game is $30. The Sims 3’s massive DLC backs are mostly 50% off, and SimCity Plus Edition can be yours for only $20. Racing fans may want to get Need For Speed Rivals, as the base game is $25 while the deluxe version is $30. Battlefield 3 is $10, Premium is $15, and the Premium Edition (yes, that’s apparently a separate thing) is $20. All of its DLC has been slashed in half. The basic SimCity game can be yours for $15, and you can upgrade to the deluxe version for $5. It’s DLC is also 50% off. Crysis 3 is $10 for the base game, $20 for the deluxe, or $10 for a base-to-deluxe upgrade.  Dead Space 3 is $30, while its DLC is half-off. The Mass Effect Trilogy can be yours for $20, while the N7 Digital Deluxe version of Mass Effect 3 is $15, and the basic game is $5.

The Ultimate Command and Conquer Collection has 17 games and is only $10.  Need For Speed Rivals has a ton of DLC and it’s all 50% off. Need For Speed Most Wanted can be yours for $10, and you can get the complete DLC added onto it for $15.  Dragon Age 1 and 2 can be yours for $20 total, or you can get the definitive versions of both games for $27.50.  Tomb Raider’s reboot can be yours for $10, or you can spend $2.50 more for the survival edition.  Need For Speed: The Run and Hot Pursuit’s reboot are $10 each. Alice: Madness Returns is a creepy 3D platformer for $10, and that same amount can get you Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight, Mirror’s Edge, or the Saboteur. As expansive as this deal seems, there are even more sales in the link – so be sure to check out that out and take advantage of at least a couple of deals if you’ve got some extra money.