Playing The Insurgent In Killzone: Shadow Fall

The Insurgent Pack is the first expansion pack for Killzone: Shadow Fall.  The multiplayer add-on adds a new class, weapons and other goodies to the game’s multiplayer suite.  For $9.99, does The Insurgent Pack add enough worthwhile content to justify the price?

Guerrilla Games has taken a very different approach from other developers when it comes to DLC.  Rather than forcing players to pay for maps that range widely in quality, Guerrilla Games has opted to use its DLC to add new ways to play the game.  This manifests in Insurgents as a new class: the Insurgent.

Killzone Shadow Fall ISA InsurgentKillzone Shadow Fall Helghast Insurgent

Playing as the Insurgent is much different than playing as any of the other classes.  The Insurgent starts each match with only a pistol.  No primary weapons, no abilities.  This isn’t a problem as the Insurgent has its own tricks up its sleeves.  The Insurgent is equipped with a special steal ability that allows them to pick up any weapon and ability in the game.  All stolen weapons and abilities are retained after death.  A hacking ability allows them to turn enemy ground automata to their sides.

The Insurgent does have weaknesses.  The use of stolen weapons and abilities is limited.  Ammo for the stolen weapon does not replenish upon respawn.  What you pick up is what you get, unless you find some more ammo on the ground.  Abilities can only be used a certain amount of times before they disappear.  Having these weaknesses is a fair and balanced approach to keep the Insurgents from becoming overpowered.

Coming with the expansion pack are three new weapons; the M82, StA-14 and the LS12 SMG Pistol.  All three weapons are returning favorites from previous Killzone games, and they still pack a punch.  I felt some nostalgia using the weapons.  It’s cool having these older weapons back in the game.

There are new abilities to try out, and some new personalization options. On top of this are seven brand new trophies to collect, and the only way to get them is to get this DLC.

Killzone Shadow Fall M82
Killzone: Shadow Fall – The Insurgent Pack adds a good amount of content, but whether it’s worthwhile really depends on how you want to play.  Some might find it frustrating to only start out with a pistol.  Others will enjoy the freedom of getting to pick up different weapons and abilities fallen enemies drop.  It all comes down to whether or not you’re really in love with the current classes, and if you want something new to freshen up your Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer experience.

What this DLC won’t do is bring people back to Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer.  The new class is nice, but The Insurgent Pack doesn’t really add anything game-changing.  If you’ve already moved on to a different game then there isn’t anything for you here.

Buy The Insurgent Pack if you’re still a big fan of Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer and want something fresh.  If the game has sunk its teeth into you, but you feel it needs some more content, then you’ll find the Insurgent class to be something right up your alley.