Square Enix to Release Final Fantasy III on PC?

Final Fantasy III is slowly turning into Final Fantasy IV. What we mean by that is it’s beginning to show up on every platform ever created. Seriously, though, III and IV are practically available on everything but the Sega Nomad at this point — but truthfully, we wouldn’t be surprised if that was next up on the docket. Still, it was revealed today that the much underrated third installment in the famed RPG franchise is headed for a PC release. Unfortunately, this unveiling wasn’t performed by Square Enix themselves. Nope, it was instead leaked by Germany’s USK board. Scope the image below for the evidence.

While Square has yet to confirm this, it wouldn’t be too shocking a move. After all, the company has already released FFVII and VIII on Steam. Thus, the developer and publisher is no stranger to the PC side of things. Here’s hoping this news holds true, as playing Final Fantasy III on our laptops sounds wonderful.