Why You Need to Buy Humongous Entertainment Classic Kids’ Adventure Games On Steam

Every now and then nostalgia sneaks its way into the logical portion of my brain and I start saying stupid things like “Salute Your Shorts was an awesome television show” or “I still think Sonic games might get good again” or “Diapers were and still are the best lower body garment!” We all tend to romanticize or overhype things we liked when we were kids, which everyone should know is a terrible idea because kids like Miley Cyrus and eating paste, both of which have been scientifically linked to brain damage. Which is why you need to understand the news you are about to receive is coming from a man suffering from acute nostalgia and may not be as exciting as I lead you to believe. However, Humongous Entertainment is bringing games like Pajama Sam and Freddi Fish to Steam, and this is the best news that anyone has ever heard ever in the history of ever.

Too much?

For those of you not in the know, games like Pajama Sam and Freddi Fish were a series of children’s adventure games made by Humongous Entertainment. The studio was initially formed by Ron Gilbert, a guy with a pretty good reputation when it comes to adventure games. The studio put out a slew of adventure games through the 90s that featured memorable characters, bright colors, and all the puzzles my little six year old brain could possibly handle. It was because of games like this that I specifically got interested in games in the first place, and these series still stand out as some of the pinnacles of children’s entertainment in the gaming medium.

So why exactly should a man in his mid-twenties be excited for children’s games? Well, primarily nostalgia. I can’t imagine I’ll enjoy these as much as I used to considering I now find the Professor Layton series a bit too easy. After you finish your thousandth sliding block puzzle I somehow doubt anything Putt-Putt has in store is really going to trip me up. But the walk down memory lane will be oh so enticing. And, more importantly, these are the kind of games kids need to be playing. I know it might be hard to remember, what with the current crop of kids games being comprised of titles like “Horsey Fun Trot Trot 3D” and “Gurlz Fashion Skank Off”, but there was a time when “kid’s game” wasn’t synonym for bad. Freddi and Pajama Sam will have a chance to introduce themselves to a whole new generation of kids, and for that I am actually excited.

You can find the release schedule for all the games here, and a handful of them have already come out. They will be releasing in small batches up until June 6 and we will end up seeing 28 in total. You can buy the whole package for $100 if you (or your “kid”) need to get your hands on all of them.