AbleGamers Raises Over 30K At PAX East 2014

AbleGamers is all about improving the quality of life for gamers with disabilities — a rather unorthodox cause that most big wigs would brush over carelessly. It’s good, then, that the gaming community is as amazing as they are, and together with developers like Harmonix and Paradox Interactive have managed to double last years efforts, raising $33,635.07 during PAX East.

In addition to the doubling of donations, companies such as Electronic Arts, Behemoth, Deep Silver and Uber Entertainment have contributed $42,000 worth of prizes for the charity. “Every year we start out thinking there’s no way we could top what we achieved the year before, and every year we do better than we could’ve imagined,” stated Mark Barlet, Founder and Executive Director of the AbleGamers charity on the company’s website.

For more information, visit the official AbleGamers website. There, you can donate, read and learn about the company and its efforts to better the lives of gamers everywhere.