Cookie Clicker Creator Crafts Craziness: Game Idea Generator

“An action game where you motivate innocent people in the ‘nads.” That was the first suggestion Orteil’s Game Idea Generator threw my way, only moments before topping itself with “a simulation game where you organize crops and the sky isn’t even the limit.” Indeed, randomness isn’t always a good thing. For example, ‘accidentally’ punching the check-out lady at Trader Joe’s because she looks a lot like Orville Redenbacher who, coincidentally, stole the popcorn recipe from your family’s vault according to your grandfather is, by all accounts, stupid. But “an experimental game where you discover the beauty of slugs in eye-popping 3D” is the type of randomness that is both fun, and much less likely to result in a series of uncomfortable court dates.

If you’ve yet to explore the ridiculous world of Orteil, you’ve been wasting a lot of time not being entertained. There’re toys to play with, words to read, stuff to tinker with and things to do stuff with. It’s a mess of possibilities, all as free as your will to experiment. Just don’t play Cookie Clicker. You’ll never stop. Ever. For now, here’s a list of our favorite game ideas (some of which would make for some pretty nifty games):

An indie game where you wander in search of the economy – but without sound.

A tycoon game where you reticulate babies until you own everything.

An adventure game where you hang with rangers to unravel the fabric of reality.

A student project where you mindlessly click on sarcasm while wearing a top-hat.

An indie game where you knit flowers (it gets pretty meta).

An action game where you go on a heist with superheroes and it never ends.

An action game where you goof around with the police and your sidekick is a bird.