2K Games Transitioning Online Services From GameSpy To Steamworks

If you didn’t know, GameSpy Technology is terminating it’s online services for video games.  This is going to affect quite a few games from 2K Games, but the company has a plan in place.  A few legacy titles will be making the transition to Steamworks where their online functionality will continue for years to come.

Here are the titles making the transition starting May 31:

  • Borderlands (PC)
  • Civilization III
  • Civilization III: Conquests
  • Civilization III: Play the World
  • Civilization IV
  • Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword
  • Civilization IV: Colonization
  • Civilization IV: Warlords

Also on May 31, the PS3 versions of Borderlands and Civilization Revolution will be taken offline.  2K Games is investigating whether it is feasible to migrate those two games.

While some games will be saved, others will be let go.  A slew of PC, DS, Wii and even PS2 titles will not be making the transition and will lose all online services on May 31.

You can check out the full list of games losing online services here.